After School Martial Arts Program

A Great Alternative to Daycare! The largest facility around!

TAMA After School Martial Arts Program (TASMAP) 

A Fun, Structured, Supervised Martial Arts Program For Your Children That Teaches Them  Discipline, Confidence, Responsibility, And Respect. 

A Great Alternative To Daycare! We are a martial arts center and not a Daycare center

The “TAMA AFTER SCHOOL MARTIAL ARTS PROGRAM (TASMAP)” will provide transportation from school to the martial arts studio. 

TAMA Martial Arts Center has always been an advocate for the enhancement of children’s education. Our TASMAP creates a safe, and supervised environment that promotes CONFIDENCE, DISCIPLINE, RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, INTEGRITY, LEADERSHIP, and EDUCATION through Martial Arts Training daily. 

All in all, it’s an enriching, dynamic, fun and positive experience for kids of all ages. If you have to work late and need a structured, safe and fun place for your child – Call us today! We’re here to help.


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Let your child enjoy a structured constructive alternative program to daycare or babysitting. Learn Martial Arts.

Your child will learn to set goals and achieve them. They will learn to appreciate and understand respect and discipline and show it to others. And their physical condition will also improve too. After all, martial art is a great workout for kids. But most importantly, they’ll have a ton of fun, make friends and enrich their lives through martial arts training.



Here’s What Your Child Will Get In Our After School Martial Arts Program

Safe & Reliable Transportation

We will pick up your child every day from their school and transport them back to our martial arts studio here at TAMA Martial Arts Center.

Powerful Martial Arts Lessons That Develop Confidence & Character

Parents tell us all the time that they love our martial arts program because of what the martial arts lessons do for their child. With our commitment, we change lives through our martial arts lessons. Children in our program build their confidence, learn how to set goals, become healthier and more fit, and much, much more! In fact, child experts (area psychologists and psychiatrists) agree that a good martial arts program (like ours) is one of the best after-school activities out there.

Homework Assistance

We strive to improve students’ academic performance by providing homework assistance. By allowing time at TAMA to complete school work your family can have more quality time at home.

Caring & Safe Supervised Environment

One of the best thing about being a martial arts studio is the emphasis on discipline, personal development, life skills, respect, and integrity. Positive changes can happen with a child in a martial arts environment. It changes lives.

  1. After School Daily Pickup – Transportation to our facility
  2. Exciting and Powerful Martial Arts Lessons Daily
  3. Character Building Education
  4. Life Skills Lessons
  5. Structured Program
  6. Anti-Bullying Program
  7. Homework Assistance
  8. Fun and Games!
  9. Includes Snack/Snack Time

Option: Full Day Drop In and Half Day Pick Up available upon request – extra cost. This has to be arranged ahead of time. Parents can drop your child at TAMA when your child does not have a school that day. As long as it does NOT fall on HOLIDAY and TAMA is open for business.

Our After School Martial Arts program will run this coming August 13, 2018, to May 24, 2019. We will pick up your child from school Monday through Friday from 2:30 to 3:30 depending on dismissal time and our route. After School Martial Arts Program will end at 6:00 p.m. daily for you to pick your child from our TAMA Martial Arts Studio in Kettering – 1753 Woodman Drive across STEM School in Kettering.

Sign up now! – While space still available!

Register NOW for $149. which will cover – Registration, Uniform and Student Handbook ONLY. This does NOT cover the weekly membership fees for the “After School Program”. If your child has an existing uniform from the last year with us, it would ONLY be $99 for registration. Student handbook is $20.


  1. Can my child participate in this program even if it is less than 5 days?  Yes.

  2. Does my child get to be picked up from the school?  Yes, with our provided transportation.

  3. Where do I sign up my child for this “After School Martial Arts Program”?  Best recommended is to come into our office in at Tama Martial Arts Center – 1753 Woodman Drive and register in person, or call to make an appointment and get your child fitted with the uniform. Call 937-254-7035

  4. Are we doing like a daycare and use our expenses for our tax return?  Yes, indeed.

  5. Can I sign up online?  We appreciate your patience. We recommend to sign up in person.

  6. What is the cost if my child that can only go three times per week?  It is the same cost for 2 to 5 days pick up. It is $90 per week per child.

  7. What about two days per week for my child to attend and be pick up for this program?  Yes

  8. When does the program start?  It will start on August 13, 2018 till May 24, 2019. But you can always sign your child at any time after their school starts provided there is room. 

  9. How old does my child have to be on this program?  Age 6 on up.

  10. Can I bring my own child to the martial arts studio?  Yes, you can, then, it would NOT be a pick up after school program. You would be on a regular program that is NOT transported by us. The fees are structured differently.

  11. How long does this program last?  The  TAMA After School Martial Arts Program last till the end of school year or till May 24, 2019 

  12. Do I have to have my child wear a uniform?  Yes, it is part of discipline, consistency and being together as one.

  13. How do I pay my weekly payment?  You can pay by either check, cash, debit or credit card weekly at the office every Friday. You pay one week up front. Your payment thereafter is weekly payable every Friday when you pick your child up.

  14. Can I pay my weekly payment any other way?  We are still working on the electronic fund transfer whereby your weekly payment will be deducted automatically.

  15. Does my child have to bring the uniform each day?  No, we will have a place to store for the week. By Friday the students take their uniform home. And every Monday your child will bring the uniform with them.

  16. Will there be classes during the holiday season? NO. Only during Christmas break does not have any fees. There will be no classes, our studio will be closed as well. 

  17. Can I pay monthly?  Yes, but we recommend that you pay, weekly. It is part of the program. You may pay up front for 3, 6, 9 months total and get an additional 10% for the entire school year.

  18. Does my child get a snack?  Yes, we would provide a healthy snack.

  19. How long is the martial arts class?  One to two hours each day. Some days are longer martial arts training.

  20. What do they learn?  They will learn TAMA Kenpo Karate on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Brazilian Jiujitsu on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They will learn to focus, respect and other valuable life skills along with practical self-defense moves.

  21. Should we notify TAMA when my child is sick?  Yes, so this way our driver will know who needs to be pick-up that day.

  22. What time does my child get pick up at the school for the After School Martial arts program?  Immediately after they are excuse from their school. Also depends on the route if there are other pick ups from another school. Please keep this in mind that we do have a route for pick-ups. Your child will have to wait for some minutes due to the route picking up other kids.

  23.  What time do I pick up my child at TAMA Martial Arts Center?  Between 5:30 pm to 5:50 pm. No later  than 6 pm. There will be a fee for late pick-up of your child after 6 pm. $1 per minute is the late charge pick-up.

  24. Can I register my child now before school starts?  Yes, you can. You can also register after the school started. 

  25. Is your facility martial arts center a daycare center? NO, we are a martial arts center and train children and adults for martial arts lessons. We have been incorporated with the State of Ohio since 1980. We have been teaching after school program since 1976. We started the after school martial arts program since 1976 in conjunction with Montgomery County recreation center, YMCA, Kettering City Schools (Elementary)
  26. Who is GM Manuel Taningco – He is the founder of TAMA Martial Arts since 1976. He is an accredited license and certified martial arts instructor and have been inducted in many Martial Arts Hall Of Fame worldwide.